I am primarily based at my own studio The Coal Room where I overdub and mix all the artists I work with. For tracking bands and larger ensembles I have access to a variety of recording studios across Leeds – See Below For Details

The Coal Room

Located at my home in Bramley, the studio has been designed a purpose built, acoustically designed mix space that can also accommodate recording for a wide range of instruments.

Running on a Analoge DDA S Series Mixing desk with Pro Tools through the stunning Universal Audio Apollo 8 interface and pre amps, with monitoring through Mackie HR 824 and classic Yamaha NS10 speakers this is an ideal environment to record and mix to get the best out of your music.

Penthouse Studios


The Penthouse is a spacious and relaxed creative environment, packed to the rafters with vintage and modern instruments and recording gear. Tracking is done through a vintage analogue Soundtrax desk onto Pro Tools offering all the character of analogue with the flexibility of digital.



To book a session or for more info:

Call: 07947 272589
Email: edheatonproducer@gmail.com
or fill in the form on the contact page.

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